Canada conference Coming soon

We are organizing a conference this month. stay updated with our news letter

World tour

Join us in our world tour rally in the awareness against porn


“We have a Patreon where supporters can donate electronically on a monthly basis as low as $1 per month and where members of the society can pay their monthly membership fees (or in person if they wish) to help grow and maintain the non-profit organization. A large portion of the fees will go into further development and maintenance of this website as well as future activities, workshops, and events.

Our page and organization are purely volunteer-based; funding is currently being provided from the pocket money of a few students including the founder who also happens to be a student. Any help we receive, whether it be through donation, partnerships, contribution of resources, constructive feedback, or by joining our team of volunteers, will be much appreciated.

We also provide optional reference letters and volunteer hours for high school student volunteers.”