Tinder Mercies–Or, How Porn Destroyed Sex

You’ve probably already seen the Vanity Fair piece on how the dating/hookup app Tinder is changing “mating rituals” for young Americans. The article is harsh and at times graphic, so read with care and discretion. Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t link to it. But what this article describes is nothing less than a voluntary sex market; the way the young men in the piece describe the joy of seeing all their sexual conquests mount up, you’d think it was prostitution but with social media for currency.

5 observations after reading The Porn Phenomenon

One of the more troubling findings of this study is how deadly pornography is to real relationships. Surveys found that people’s perspective on the purpose of sex is moving away from “an expression of intimacy between two people who love each other” and toward “self-expression and personal fulfillment” (pg. 96). These changing perceptions are believed to influence the amount of porn people consume.