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We are Vancouver anti-porn society

Our Mission

“As a diverse and non-religious organization, VAP Society’s mission is to advocate on behalf of those who have been negatively impacted by pornography using various integrative approaches including scientific facts, empirical research, feminist analysis, the biopsychosocial model, spiritual teachings, legislation, art, music, and personal experiences. What makes us further unique is that we are both an educational and abolitionist organization that primarily focuses on harm prevention while most anti-pornography organizations only focus on harm reduction. 

We aim to encourage and empower individuals to speak up on the harms of all pornography, the impacts it has on our mental health as well our sexuality, and the toxic culture it promotes in hopes of bringing a new and healthy sexual revolution for a safe and better society especially in this digital day and age. 

VAP Society also supports the fight against other forms of commercial sexploitation. We are in favour of improving on policies such as The Nordic Model to put an end to human sexual commodification once and for all as humans have the right to be loved in a healthy and respectful way. We believe that humans should be treated as human instead of as sex objects. VAP Society also aims to end the stigma on speaking up against porn, and additionally, we aim to end victim-blaming on those undergoing porn-induced betrayal trauma.
Our motto? “Restoring love and dignity”.”

What Inspires Us to Do This?

Our non-profit, Vancouver Anti-Porn Society (VAP Society), aims to empower and educate individuals regarding the harmful impacts of pornography on a societal, mental, and physical level. We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and identities. Our primary motive as to why we became anti-porn activists may differ from one another but in the end of the day, we share a common goal and that’s what unites us altogether to improve and revolutionize our communities.”


Learn About Our Key Ideas and the Issues We Fight for:

  • Raise public awareness on porn culture and pornography as a public health issue. 
  • Remove the stigma on advocating against pornography; provide a safe community and sense of belonging for anti-porn people.
  • Raise awareness on betrayal trauma caused by virtual infidelity within relationships and marriages.
  • Provide solidarity & therapeutic resources for those, including couples, who have been heavily impacted and traumatized by pornography and porn culture.
  • Distribute resources for parents to protect their families from porn, and to teach their kids respect for personal boundaries and resilience against porn culture.
  • Provide more volunteer opportunities for youths, including volunteer hours for high schoolers, where they can have a strong sense of purpose and gain meaningful experiences while giving back to our community and contributing to a positive world change.
  • Present to communities, churches, colleges, universities, and especially high school students looking for volunteer hours.
  • Promote and provide healthy social event opportunities, including anti-porn dating services (19+), for human connection to combat social disconnection including loneliness and porn dependency for better mental health among our community & world.
    Improve the Nordic Model, which keeps prostitution illegal by decriminalizing prostituted people yet criminalizing pimps and sex buyers.
  • Provide research on policies that will help current victims of sexual exploitation and to prevent more children and people ending up in the sexploitation industries.
  • Support current and future legislations on eliminating or reducing porn use and preventing kids from being exposed to sexual media.
  • Reduce further normalization of prostitution “as a job” by addressing to government that “sex is not work”.
  • Address to government and communities that terms such as “sex work” & “sex workers” are problematic for survivors of the sexploitation trades, career planning, monogamous or exclusive relationships and marriages, victims of betrayal trauma from (an ex) partner/spouse’s consumption of porn or likewise.
  • Suggest government and communities to use a better alternative term instead of “porn star” or “sex worker” to prevent further glamorization of porn culture and sexploitation.
  • Differentiate between porn and sex, as well emphasize that most porn does not contain healthy communication.
  • Bring lawful order to our society to decrease porn-inspired crimes.
  • Eradicate sexual objectification and sexual commodification; promote real love as well as healthy sexual views in our society to “Restore love and dignity” based on our motto.