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Vancouver Anti-Porn Society

About us

Our non-profit, Vancouver Anti-Porn Society (VAP Society), is a diverse and non-religious organization dedicated to supporting those impacted by pornography using scientific facts and empirical research. We aim to empower and educate individuals regarding the harmful impacts of pornography on a societal, mental, and physical level.

Together we can restore love and dignity

Our Mission

“As a diverse and non-religious organization, VAP Society’s mission is to advocate on behalf of those who have been negatively impacted by pornography using various integrative approaches including scientific facts, empirical research, feminist analysis, the biopsychosocial model, spiritual teachings, legislation, art, music, and personal experiences. What makes us further unique is that we are both an educational and abolitionist organization that primarily focuses on harm prevention while most anti-pornography organizations only focus on harm reduction………….

Help restore love and diginity

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